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extraído da Conferencia sobre Yoga "Yoga Symposium"
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fevereiro de 2000

Scott wrote: “ at some point i began to see a gigantic flower in my mind....and all the music was begining to be sucked into this flower..... “

This experience lived by you hearing Phish reminds the experiences with the “Fractal music” or with the raagas Indians where the objective is to provoke this effect in the listener. Actually, the musical language should maintain the connection among the composer, the musician and the listener.

When the musicians are "improvising " (here in Brazil we say: to do a "free"), the energy is very powerful because they need a strong connection to each other. They don't know which will be the next note that will appear through the natural flow or of the energy that will be uniting musicians and listeners.

“Music really has the ability to put people together in the same moment. I don't think it matters whether you are actually playing the music or not.” It is a moment of synergistic synchronicity where everybody is part of everything, where everybody, musicians and auditorium, are integrated in an only energy. The musician on this moment it is guided by the pure perception, and “that state” appears, where doesn't exist myself, ego, where doesn't exist the will and nor the fight and yes an eternal to flow among music, interpreters and listeners - all creative participants. This way, the music emerges as if it already came being played in another dimension any, besides our perception limits, it stays with us while the magic game of improvising is enough to maintain it, and it comes back to the " sanctuary of the gods " for interruption, could continue to sound in the mind of the listener for an indefinable time.

You can feel that in one moment as this, the time doesn't exist, that is as the meditation, - it is meditation. In India, where the music doesn't exist moved away of its spiritual character, the raagas is improvised according to the moment of the day or of the night, beginning as a meditation - of the which they are part - and being interrupted without a determined mark of time. There, as well as for Kant in the philosophy and Einstein in the physics, the time is not an absolute factor, but a perception of the world or a relative way of organizing the phenomenons.

The music is integral part of our psyche, interact with our energy, provoking change in the states of our conscience. Thus, its capacity to cure and to transform is powerful. Great masters of yoga of India work asanas together with the music.

The student learns how " to hear " listening the music. However, "to hear really" the music, is difficult. Most of the time we didn't hear, on the contrary, we "thought" the music, or, we translated accordingly our opinions and personal taste or beliefs.

To learn to hear a music, intensely, with all the attention focused there, with our senses, with our heart and soul, is the first lesson for the meditation. The student sits down quiet, relaxed, breathing, focusing the mind in the breathing and in the music, just this, for 5 minutes. This opening, promotes the correct attitude to begin the practice: reverence, teaching to honor some thing that is much more powerful than ourselves.

If we don't have the capacity to hear a music, we will never meditate because we don't know how to hear the wind, the rain, the sea, the birds and the children's noise playing. This capacity to hear everything in turn without anything to exclude, is meditation. To listen a music is an exercise for this.

The body in movement is a dance (as Suzanne spoke) and the music is the connection between the body , movement and the soul. I see the music as one of the ways for the interior Silence facilitating to listen inside, and like this, promoting self knowledge, self transformation. The music is the metaphor that unites our dream with the reality.

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