Eloisa Vargas 14/8/1999

The full state of meditation can be ignored for me. I
cannot say as it is, I don't know how to say. We can talk
about the one that he is not. The noise of the mind is
not meditation.
The visualization, the formation of images in the mind, is
not meditation. The concentration, is not meditation. The
prayer pronounced by the voice or mentally, it is not
meditation. And, now, listen this: " the meditation exists when
the meditator doesn't exist". While a command center
exists, there is not meditation. While we are wanting to
meditate, we didn't meditate because while there is
desire, any desire type, even a " saint " desire, there is not
meditation. While there is effort, compulsion, it is not
meditation. The meditation is that state that happens
free, spontaneous.

Meditation is not dream, it is not " trip ", on the contrary, it
is the most perfect and sensitive reality. The meditation
can only happen now " in the moment ", it doesn't serve nor
to the past and nor to the future, in other words, it
doesn't exist in these dimensions. Meditation doesn't
exist in the " time " that is passed or future.
Any method doesn't exist for the meditation because she
is the blessing of God for all the men, it is the Grace
that is free, it is the channel with the eternal, with the
wisdom, with the source. It is the purpose of the whole
true religion, of the whole spiritual practice, of all the
oriental arts and of the native religions (as Donny wrote).

Really, there is not a way of " as to meditate ". Now, the basic
procedures so that, perhaps, the meditation happens, we can
know. No master can become trained " to meditate. He can make
us to understand what is not meditation and through
this understanding, we noticed because " no " we meditated.
Then, the masters show us these basic procedures for the
meditation. And these procedures, unavoidably, go by physical
practices. You need to reach a deep degree of conscious
relaxation that is: attention.
Attention, perception... meditation.

The physical practices discipline your body and your
mind, they make the circular energy and to unblock key
points in your body. We needed this flow of strong and
healthy energy so that the meditation can happen. An
undisciplined body doesn't know how to relax to
meditate. But, the meditation can happen, for any person, even
for those that never listened to speak in meditation.
The meditation happens independent of our conscience.
Just, we don't know.
But now we are speaking in " provoking in us " this state,
and therefore, to have his conscience.
A lot of people call things that " are not " meditation, of
meditation. Then, it is not a subject of being easy or
difficult, it is a subject of knowing when it is not
meditation. Understanding this point, I think are ready so
that the meditation happens.

Meditation is silence and solitude of the mind, it is the
unaccompanied mind, hopelessly alone...
It is the state of absolute mental purity, it is the "
Realm of the Sky " of the Christians ,and that to be
reached, it demands the " a child's purity...". and, even the worst of
the humans, it is enabled to this Realm. Therefore, it is not
of morals nor of behavior that is spoken here.


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