Music in Yoga Class
eloisa vargas

extraído da Conferencia sobre Yoga "Yoga Symposium"
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fevereiro de 2000

The music and the soul live united, the breathing is harmonized with the music, the movement follows the music, that is to say, everything is music. In the class, the music helps to delineate the time in each posture, instead of looking at the clock, the music guides the student. The music helps to focus the attention because it frees us of the thoughts. The interior silence can happen when you are attentive hearing the music. Thus, that is a way for the silence.

I come from a family of musicians. My husband and my children are musicians (they have a band). We have a recording studio and we worked with this. That is to say, the music is something that is part of my life and certainly, of my yoga also.

My yoga studio is beside our sound studio. A lot of times I use the music in class not just for background but a lot of times acting as a barrier to isolate some inconvenient noise that comes from outside.

I listen Kitaro, Enya, Vangelis, Pashbell and many other. Our chakras loves music. The low sounds (guitar bass, chellos) they affect the inferior chakras and the high tones, acute (violins) they affect the superiors. Kitaro, in the CD Silk Road, presents a music with sounds (frequencies) for the7 chakras. It is very interesting.You listen and you can feel the vibration in each chakra.

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